Full-Service Interior Decorating

If you’re seeking to revamp your living space or tackling a new home project, Preamble Arts has got you covered. Servicing the greater Princeton, NJ area – Preamble Arts provides personalized and comprehensive decorating services that cater to your preferences, lifestyle and budget. We offer in-person consultations to ensure the best personal interior decorating service for your home.

Interior Decorating Consultations

Contact us to ensure a uniquely creative, functional, and beautiful design plan suited to you and your lifestyle via an in-person meeting.

Furniture Selections

Choose the right furniture pieces for your space, taking into account factors such as style, size, functionality and budget.

Finish Selections

Select finishes such as paint, wallpaper, wall accents, lighting, hardware, flooring, etc that complement the overall design of a space.

Soft Goods Selections

Choose soft furnishings and fabric schemes such as curtains, rugs, and pillows that enhance the comfort and aesthetic of a room.

Lighting Selection

Provide selections of the right lighting fixtures for a space, taking into account factors such as natural light, mood, and functionality.

Space Planning

Taking into account the dimension of the room and its use, we optimize the layout to create an natural flow of the space.


Handles the sourcing, purchasing, and delivery of furniture, decor, and other design elements for a space.

Contractor Referrals

Referral to trusted trade professional specialists that bring ease to life's little stresses.

Trade Connections

Connections to furniture vendors, window treatment specialists, custom closets and cabinetry, and others who can provide unique and high-quality design elements for a space.

Electronics Design

Incorporate technology and electronics into the design of a space, while ensuring they are seamlessly integrated and unobtrusive.

Our Process

Discover Your Style

Share your dreams for your space, including your design goals, inspiration, and budget with us. Our team will work with you closely to understand your vision and help bring it to life.

Reimagine Your Space

Once we understand your unique style, our designer will work with you one-on-one to develop a personalized plan for your space. We will provide you with a moodboard with a sketch of your space to help you visualize the design along with the items to be purchased.  Additionally, we will provide an implementation plan that includes cost, required third-party contractors, and expected delivery dates.

Relax and Let Us
Do the Work

After finalizing the design, it’s time to sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy a glass of wine or cup of coffee. Our team can manage the delivery process for your order by following up on deliveries, damaged items, and returns and exchanges as allowed by vendor policy.   You can trust us to handle the details to deliver a space that you’ll love.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the process work?

Here’s our full design process:

  1. Discuss vision, budget, and timeline.
  2. Curate a concept for the interior decorations in the form of an Ideabook with links to items to be purchased.
  3. Review the Ideabook design and the furnishings required, costs, outsourced contractors, expected delivery dates as required to complete the curated look.
  4. Make any revisions based on client’s comments and requests and feedback.
  5. Repeat Steps 3-4 based on Client’s requests.
  6. Finalize the Ideabook design.
  7. Provide invoices for items to be purchased with expected delivery dates.
  8. Purchase items as authorized, and follow up on delivery updates, damaged deliveries, returns and exchanges as allowed by vendors’ policy.
  9. Add the final decorating touches to complete the project.
What kind of items do you source?

I prioritize sourcing items that are environmentally friendly and ethically made. This includes furniture made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or reclaimed wood, eco-friendly fabrics made from natural materials like cotton or linen, and decor pieces made from recycled materials.  When possible, I practice the less is more philosophy, and try to reuse any furniture pieces the client has that works with the design.  Also, any household item that are not to be used are donated to local charities like Habitat for Humanity Restore.  

I seek out companies that prioritize sustainable, charity and ethical practices.

By carefully selecting the items I source, I can help my clients create beautiful and functional spaces that are also kind to the environment and the people who make them.

How do I get started?

Fill out the contact form on our website along with some basic details about your project and we will be in touch with you to schedule a consultation.

Let’s Work Together

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